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Monday, October 3, 2016

I had the pleasure and honor of testing the new Cape-tastic pattern from Mummykins and Me by Rebecca Page. This cape can truly be anything you want it to be! In fact, in the testing group over 34 modifications were done! Let your imagination run wild. Frozen cape? Sure! Dinosaur? Why not! Dress cape for church? YES! Red bird or toucan or owl? Of course!

My sweet Lilliana asked me for a Monarch butterfly just as I was trying to figure out what to make for my cape. How perfect! So we sat down and talked about what colors the Monarch had and what design the wings had. She was there helping me design her cape every step of the way. Does your child like to help "design" as well? This pattern has a line drawing page in it! Print it out and let your child color in the feathers or design the cape!

On our trip to the fabric store Lilliana got to touch and decide what fabrics she wanted. This pattern calls for woven for the main part of the cape. Fleece is a great option! But we chose a light kona cotton. It's perfect for our Texas weather. We chose fleece for the orange and felt for the white.

I made some modifications from the pattern. I used some old cardboard and made a template for the wing shape. Cut the lining and the outer fabric by the template. Then used more cardboard for templates for the wing designs. Lilliana and I carefully put the design on the wings and pinned (this was her favorite part!). After sewing on the design it was time for the antennae. I used a piece of hook and loop on the hood, and then sewed a pipe cleaner on the other part of the hook and loop. Then I hot glued large pom poms onto the pipe cleaner.

Her favorite part? Flying of course!!

To celebrate the release, you can the child's Cape-tastic for only $6.50 (full price is $8.50). Or grab it bundled with the adult sizes too for only $8.00!! Sale prices valid until 31st October (yes, you got it, that's Halloween!).

Now go get the pattern and create something wonderful!

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